Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bliss - Owls in Tree

This is a large painting - 1mt x 1mt - that was a request from my partner. He has a large bare wall in his loungeroom (yes, we each have our own loungerooms - how luxurious) and he said he wanted me to fill it.

One morning last week, when only the white and beige background was done, we were discussing our day, and he said, "Tonight I will hang your painting on the wall."

Well there was a challenge! I mostly finished it that day too, other than a few details, like the edges and varnish and stuff.

(I have called the painting Bliss because of the CD I was listening to at the time, a compilation of my favourite Mozart concertos which I have named "Bliss".)

The thing I like about this painting is that it is exactly as I wanted it. The tree, the leaves, the flowers... The owls, of course, are me and him. :-)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monkeys For Bec

In return for some work that Bec did for me (logo and graphics for my website) I said I would paint her a picture.

After much deliberation, she decided upon this one, an old fave of hers - "Apes in the Orangegrove" by Henri Rousseau.

She said she wanted the Maia version.

And the Maia version she got. I really should have taken photos along the way - it is one of the messiest and most complicated things I have painted. First I drew it all in in pencil, then went over it in wishy washy burnt umber (the paint I always seem to use for outlines) then slowly tried to pick each group of leaves in different greens.

I am happy with the result though, as is (more importantly), Bec.