Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monkeys For Bec

In return for some work that Bec did for me (logo and graphics for my website) I said I would paint her a picture.

After much deliberation, she decided upon this one, an old fave of hers - "Apes in the Orangegrove" by Henri Rousseau.

She said she wanted the Maia version.

And the Maia version she got. I really should have taken photos along the way - it is one of the messiest and most complicated things I have painted. First I drew it all in in pencil, then went over it in wishy washy burnt umber (the paint I always seem to use for outlines) then slowly tried to pick each group of leaves in different greens.

I am happy with the result though, as is (more importantly), Bec.


traceyleigh said...

yay! hello :-)

Blogger is perfect for something like this. I have one but I rarely update and it's usually food related when I do.

Maia said...

Ha ha. Added anyway. :-)

traceyleigh said...

Do you read many blogger blogs? I really enjoy it. I find it very different to that other place. I mean there are obvious differences but I have found some great blogs out there.

Maia said...

"Blogger Blogs"?

Bec said...

The more I live with the monkeys, the more joy they bring me. :-)

I have this theory about the painting which I'm keen to talk to you about. I think it holds some kind of 'new life' essence.

Michelle said...

Hello Maia, I didn't have one, but now I do :-)

When I work out how to do more with it (or when this B!@#$%d flu goes), I will pretty it up and add a link to you.

Serpent Mandalas said...

Its very cute Maia! :) -