Saturday, September 19, 2009


I don't write here about my personal life as this is a public blog. However, the artwork I am immersed in at the moment needs, I feel, some explaining.

Someone very close to me has been affected by a mental illness and my life pretty much revolves around the care of that person.

As art is such therapy for me, I am finding some sanity in immersing myself in colour, texture, feel.

This piece is called Deeper. While it doesn't make me happy to look at, it touches a place in me and therefore is exactly what I set out to achieve.

I am working on several more in the "series" and find myself excited to be exploring something new, and to be just letting myself go into the emotion of the artwork.

It's only a small piece, 9 x 12 inches. It is hard to photograph due to the texture and gloss so I don't feel the image is a good representation. However, you get the idea. :-)


Fotf said...

Anything that allows you to explore creativeness is good for the soul and by the sounds of it you need to be able to txpress yourself more due to the other things going on around you. If you ever feel the need to chat feel free to email me privately. Btw your peice looks interesting, i've no idea how you've acheived it but acheive away :)

Maia said...

Thank you - that is really sweet of you. x