Friday, August 14, 2009

An Artist in a Day - Vincent van Gogh

Much as I would love to be a part of the Painting a Day community, I simply don't have the time. A painting or two a month is probably more me.

However, when I do have a day off, and am feeling inspired, It's always fun to throw myself into it and see what I can do.

Yesterday, inspired by Shanti Marie's Tribute to Monet, I decided to do an artist tribute as well.

After a quick flick through one of my Van Gogh books, I found a painting I liked, Plain of La Crau.

Since it's just an exercise, I decided to use a canvas sheet rather than a stretched canvas. I also thought for the fun of it, I'd take pictures along the way. :-)

Also, as I was going to try to get this done in a day, I simplified his painting a lot, rearranging to make it a little easier on myself.

The finished result.

I certainly don't think it's anything special, and I don't think my composition is the greatest, but it was fun, and I am looking forward to doing another. :-)


Julie said...

This is beautiful! (And I read your last post and I love your sweet kitty and that painting). They are both precious! : )

Maia said...

Thanks Julie. :-)

Amariah said...

You did a great job!!!

BTW I'm so jealous of anyone that can do a painting a day.

Maia said...

Thanks Amariah. And I know - imagine having the time to do that! I console myself with thinking when the kids are grown and left home there will be more time. For painting classes even! :-)

mika said...

Thanks a million for your comment in my blog! You made me so happy!!
I had a quick look to your art and that's amazing, really amazing!!!
And this painting, I like it more than the original one...I love the colors you used...

Maia said...

Aww, Mika, that's so sweet of you. Thank you. :-)

Quilt Works said...

I love watching the art work in the process! It is wonderful to see the metamorphosis!
I just started blogging about my fiber art work, and will try to do something similar :-)

creativewisdom said...

wow great depiction!