Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Art Link - Karla Gerard

I love the work of all the artists I follow, and every morning have a look through to see what wonderful new things they have created.

There is an artist at the moment who I am just crazy about. Her use of colour and form. (I have put a bid on one of her paintings but shipping is so expensive I am not sure how high I will be able to bid.)

Have a look though. You might like her work too. :-)


Fotf said...

I can see why, i am following now too :)

Mystey Artist said...

Wow! love your art! Art on a whole fascinates me. I started a blog to promote all art and artists round the world. maybe you will like this art link exchange page. check it out! http://rareartarenalinkexchange.blogspot.com/

Amariah said...

I love her paintings.. so colorful!!