Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Texture Series

Very VERY hard to get a photo of them. They are in the kitchen with pretty poor light. Actually, I might try flash - which will probably look crap because of how glossy they are.

They are a dark series. Colour emerging from the deep dark depths. I am happy with them though. And feel I got them out of my system. :-)


Nicola said...

These are gorgeous!!! I love the colours and texture that you have used!! I find it hard to take good pictures of my pieces too sometimes its hard to find that perfect spot!! But you can tell that these are lovely from your picture!!

Quilt Works said...

I like them a lot!

I had trouble with taking photos, and what finally help is buying two light stands and attaching two photo lights to them. It is not an expensive set up, but being able to lit from both directions REALLY helped to improve the photo quality significantly. Photo lights are useful because they don't change the color balance, and the colors come out very true.
I have the stands set up in the basement so they are out of the way most of the time, yet ready to go quickly when I need them.

Amariah said...

I really love these. Did you use acrylics?

Maia said...

Thanks everyone.

And yes, Amariah, I did use acrylics. I also used gallery glass for some of the raised parts. Lots of layers with gloss varnish between each layer. Used my hands instead of a brush for most of it too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

These look very eye catching. Love how you have used different themes for autumn.

joanne May said...

These works are beautiful. I love the rich dark colours and textures!
Your photo's look fine and show the depth of the patterns well.
See you soon.:)