Friday, October 16, 2009


Not a great pic - will take a better photo later.

Usually I don't really like my own art, but this one, for some reason, I love. :-)


Nicola said...

Yes this one is lovely, it makes me want to just reach out and touch it! Lovely work.

Mystery Artist said...

love the colors

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Beautiful... How can you possibly not like your own work??!!

Maia said...

Thank you. :-)

And to answer your question, Diane, it's that most of my work I look at and think it looks... well, stupid really. Other people might like it and some even buy it, but I still look at it and wonder that they can't see how bad it is. :/

joanne May said...

Hi Maia.
Your painting is stunning... I love the colours and texture you have used.
It is a good idea to have a change of style of work. Especially if you don't like your art very much.
I use to paint abstract paintings when I lived in Australia and changed to detail work when I returned to England.
You should be proud of the paintings you created as they are wonderful.:)
Best wishes.
Jo May.x

Anonymous said...

Love your work. So colourful. Just what I like. You inspire off to dig out my paints.