Friday, October 23, 2009


Early stages of Bleed and Strength.

Strength finished.
It is just so hard to get a good representation of the colours - there is so much texture and depth with the gloss that the painting looks different from different angles even in real life.

Some of the close ups. :-)


Nicola said...

Wow I LOVE those blues in there, gorgeous and the texture is lovely!!! Wonderful work!

Ayame said...

What beautiful colors! Just so you know, you can sell art prints like yours through :) Right now, they're having free shipping worldwide on all their prints. This promotion is bringing in a lot of customers, which means more money for the artist! Perhaps you'll even see some prints from underground artists around the globe you'll want to purchase as well :)

Mystery Artist said...

Love the texture. great!!

Amariah said...

I love what you're doing with this.. just beautiful!! It makes me want to paint :)

Maia said...

Thanks so much everyone for your comments, I really really appreciate it.